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Super-fine quality - 3d printed gradient Isis Goddess statue with PLA.

Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess who became the most popular and enduring of all the Egyptian deities. Her name comes from the Egyptian Eset, ("the seat") which referred to her stability and also the throne of Egypt as she was considered the mother of every pharaoh through the king's association with Horus, Isis' son.

She is regularly portrayed as the selfless, giving, mother, wife, and protectress, who places other's interests and well-being ahead of her own.

The gold look has a serene feel to it and gives one a sense of peace. Place on a shelf to accent a room. Artwork and still life for your home. The statue brings classic style to your home.

Also ideal as a gift for someone special.


Approx. 5" tall


*Keep out of extreme heat

Gold Isis Statue

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