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Resin cutting boards made with beautiful sea shells and sand sand from the Atlantic Ocean and colors that blend together to resemeble a beach is great statement piece for your household. This cutting board is medium sized and have very neat features as they are a little thick to be used for actually cutting but if you did not want to use them for that and just use them as a wall decoration, that would be possible as well. Beautiful display for cheese, fruit, sushi. Perfect centerpiece, serving tray, great for displaying cakes & cupcakes.


This custom resin cutting board is perfect for anyone who loves to cook!

This will make a unique and artistic addition to any kitchen. Because they are made from solid resin, scratches and cuts made to the board are hardly noticeable. It can also double as a serving board, simple clean with soap and water.


 Approx. 12" x 8.5" 



Hand wash only.


Beach Sea Cutting Board

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  • Housewares, cuttingboard, hone decor, art, gift, kitchen, litchenberg, bamboo
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