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A Collection of Handmade Luxury Goods


  • We do not accept returns or exchanges unless discussed otherwise which is up to our discretion as the owner.

  • All intellectual property within, the Facebook account ‘SEDA VII, the Instagram account @sedavii belongs to The SEDA VII Collective LLC., this includes written content and all images of artworks (unless otherwise noted), using any of my written content or artwork images for your own use will be challenged and dealt with appropriate action.

  • Upon purchasing a piece of artwork from this website, you are confirming that you have read the description prior to purchase, please note when browsing the images, that image colors can vary depending on mobile/laptop screens.

At SEDA VII, we retain the right to 1; cancel or extend order times under certain rare circumstances, which would of course be communicated and agreed with you before any changes are made. 2; change the prices of available pieces after they are loaded onto my website, prices of pieces that have been purchased will not be changed and will be honored unless discussed otherwise. 3; request additional information, for example if the delivery company requests a different address than the address given at checkout.


Please contact USPS and file a claim. Tracking number will be provided when item(s) has shipped.

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