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I love them. When my cousins were little my brother & I would make them "jedi juice" from the tables at restaurants we were eating in with all table told them they would be a jedi if they drink they are 40 now...these hats were perfect for Christmas !

- Anne


Hi, love the horse clock! Thank you, Janet

Perfectly crafter fidget spinner. My son loves it especially since its batman! He plays with it daily without any defects. Whenever I need a fidget or anything custom made seda vii is my go to. - Brandon

The bowtie was perfect for my husband's work event! - Arial

My sister loved the scarf for her birthday & the shipping was so quick! - Jessica

Wow. Where do I begin? Not only were the earrings gorgeous, Courtnie went out of her way to ensure that it arrived on time for the wedding I was wearing it for! – Katy


The Lichtenberg box I bought was very well made – ben


The coasters were a great addition to my newly decorated living room, beach theme! – Jennifer


My daughter loved the Spiderman hat! - Dave

The abstract paintings looks wonderful in my guest bathroom. Thank you, the colors, matched perfectly! -Melissa

My shopping experience was awesome. The lamp is works well in my office. I will be buying more stuff soon. - Charles

The cosmic lamp is so cute the stars really do light up the wall. Thank you for the free keychain as well - Rebecca

This pill case works fine but I did not realize the wood would be so shiny. - Beatrice

Omg these baby booties were just perfect for my sisters baby shower! - Amy

This clock is just terrific! What a conversation starter! - Beth

Scarf is warm. - Scott

Thank you for making the ear guards in kids sizes. It actually makes my kids want to wear their masks, it stays on their faces. - Gina

The Darth Vader 3D printed mask is amazing! It's very comfortable. I've used it a lot and it's very durable. - Alex

I’ve been searching for a recipe for gummies since August. I purchased molds but wasn’t able to make them. I have friends with kids that are returning to school in January and I need to make them for the kids. Wowed at the universe and how things are working out! Many blessings to you! - J.L.

Thank you so much for your excellent work and service. The cutting board is wonderful and a great addition to our kitchen --- both functional and beautiful! - Katie 

I ordered a Vader mask back when covid hit, and have been using it ever since. It's held up very well even after being dropped. Very comfortable and looks pretty cool. - Matt

I bought a fidget spinner, a ashtray & a hat about 2 years ago. All of them are conversational pieces. I love my fidget spinner in all its uniqueness & my a
Wu-Tang ashtray I’m highly interested in one of her handmade chess boards too. - Patrick

I ordered body butter from Courtnie and she was so sweet and gave me a free sample of another body butter scent and a bookmark. The body butter is perfect for right out of the shower. I specifically use it on my legs and feet.

- Desiree

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