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Luxury Handcrafted Wedding & Events Collection

Weddings represent the love, trust, respect and mutual promise between two people to share their lives with each other.

“May your love be firm,
And may your dream of a life together
be a river between two shores
by day bathed in sunlight, and by night
illuminated from within. May the heron
carry news of you to the heavens, and the salmon bring
the sea’s blue grace. May your twin thoughts spiral upward like leafy vines, like fiddle strings in the wind,
and be as noble as the Douglas fir.”

Wedding favors for your guests are a definitive way of saying you embrace your loved one's support and doubles as a memento of the occasion. They are a great way to thank family, close friends, and everyone at the wedding for celebrating with the happy couple. You can rest assured that your guests will be heading home with long-lasting memories.

All pieces below can be customized.

You may schedule a design session with us on the homepage for custom and bulk orders.


Image by Jovan Vasiljević

Getting together with people and laughing is a hugely important thing that happens at a party. Setting a pretty table, designing the lighting, decorating the house with party items—these are all a sort of artistic exercise that can be very satisfying. 

Hosting an event is an escape from the real world – from work, school and the daily stresses of life. Parties brings light to our lives and makes us happy, often inspiring people to believe that they can do and be more.

Resin art is a highly versatile artform that allows for endless possibilities. It is durable and long lasting.

This type of art can communicate information, shape our everyday lives, make a social statement and be enjoyed for aesthetic beauty.

Wedding Gifts, Favors & Keepsakes

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