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This Remineralizing Herbal Tooth Powder/Paste is handmade in small batches with 100% certified Organic herbs and oils.


Commercial toothpaste often contains toxic chemicals and ingredients that are harmful to your health. And let’s not forget that fluoride, the most common active ingredient in most toothpaste brands, is actually poisonous in excess.

That’s why we created this all natural (chemical-free) toothpaste thats great for everyday clean teeth and gums.

Research has shown that regular use of these ingredients in this toothpaste can whiten and remineralize your teeth while reversing cavities, reducing plaque, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, tooth & gum pain as well as eliminate bad breath.

Your teeth are alive, and they can rebuild themselves with proper care and maintenance. These all natural ingredients are known to help create and maintain healthy teeth and gums. You may notice a difference from your very first use!


Made to order.


Sample size - 10 ml

Glass Jar size - 1.5 oz.

Keep out of extreme heat.


Main ingreideints:


Organic Bentonite clay (food grade) - purifies and detox your mouth, draws out toxins and helps remineralize your teeth

Organic Coconut oil - reduces bad bacteria in the mouth and prevents gingivitis and tooth decay

White Oak bark powder - antibacterial for irritated gums and teeth

Myrrh - used for oral infections, anti-inflammatory and treats bad breath

Cloves- protects your teeth and gums from bacterial attacks and helps reduces tooth sensitivity.

Herbal Toothpaste

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