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Introducing our exquisite Resin Orgone Pyramid, a harmonious blend of natural elements and powerful symbolism. This handcrafted orgone pyramid features a mesmerizing combination of clear quartz, a copper ankh, copper flakes, and amethyst.

At the heart of the pyramid, the clear quartz amplifies energy and clarity, while the copper ankh symbolizes life and spiritual awakening. The copper flakes dispersed throughout the resin enhance the pyramid's energy-conducting properties, creating a vibrant field of positive energy. The amethyst adds a touch of tranquility and spiritual growth, making this pyramid not only a beautiful decorative piece but also a potent tool for meditation and healing.

Perfect for your home, office, or sacred space, our Resin Orgone Pyramid is designed to balance and harmonize the energy around you, promoting a peaceful and uplifting environment.

Resin Ankh Organite

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