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Introducing our meticulously crafted Resin Orgone Pyramid, designed to harmonize and uplift your space with its powerful combination of natural and metallic elements. This unique orgonite pyramid features:

Citrine Crystals: Known for their ability to manifest abundance and positivity, citrine crystals are at the heart of this orgonite, radiating vibrant energy.

Copper Flakes: Enhancing the conductivity and energy flow, the copper flakes amplify the orgonite’s capabilities.

Black Obsidian: A protective stone, black obsidian shields against negative energies and fosters emotional balance.

Four Copper Torids: These carefully arranged copper coils intensify the pyramid’s energy transformation, ensuring a steady flow of positive vibrations.

Metal Sacred Flower: Symbolizing unity and balance, the metal sacred flower adds a touch of spiritual significance and beauty.

Brass Egyptian Beetle: The brass beetle, inspired by ancient Egyptian symbolism, represents transformation and protection, adding a unique historical element to the orgonite.

Perfect for meditation, energy healing, or simply as a stunning decorative piece, this Resin Orgone Pyramid combines aesthetic beauty with profound metaphysical properties. Elevate your environment and experience the harmonious energy flow with this exquisite creation.

Resin Beetle Organite

SKU: 231
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